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Product name : New Model IM52 Reflectoless Total Station
Item : IM52
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500 meter
internal memory
dustproof and water resistant
Battery life
14 hours
 500m with 50000 Points Internal Memory IM-52/IM52 Total Station (IM-52)
 IM52 Perfect for entry-level site layout and surveying, the Sokkia iM-50 Series Reflector-less Total Station is a smart
measuring device that offers reliable and accurate results with a friendly price. The Sokkia iM-50 features a reflector less range
up to 1,640 feet and up to 13,123 feet with a single prism. Featuring an advanced angle accuracy, it also comes with an integrated
Bluetooth connectivity option and an internal antenna for a cable-free operation.
This Sokkia total station features a coaxial red laser with EDM beam technology and comes with a 30x magnification with 2.5-inch
resolving power. It is provided with a ±6-degree range dual-axis compensation that allows reliable measurements on any terrain.
Also, it includes an SDRbasic on-board software and a 50,000-point internal memory for a smooth surveying operation.
With an IP66 rating, the Sokkia iM-50 is total dust proof and water resistant. It features a graphic LCD display that has a 28-key
alphanumeric keyboard with back-light. In addition, it uses a rechargeable Li-ion battery that operates up to 14 hours which is
the best companion for a long work day.
Sokkia IM52 is upgraded version of Sokkia CX52 Total Station
1 Reflectorless Upto 500 meter
2 Optional Bluetooth connectivity
3 50,000-point internal memory
4 Magnification: 30x
5 Dual-axis compensation
6 IP66 dustproof and water resistant
7 Battery life up to 14 hours

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Skype: china-mason