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Skype: china-mason

How To Maintain Your Total Station Battery

Author : Admin Date : 2012/10/25 0:25:43

The batteries used in today’s total stations are generally two types: the special lithium battery and Ni-MH rechargeable batteries commonly used. Dedicated lithium-ion battery, lightweight, high capacity, environmental protection, virtually no “memory effect”, but the price is expensive, generic poor. Li-ion battery is a high capacity battery discharge power of great depth, resistance to overcharge and over discharge, charging time is short and so obvious benefits. The most important is the nickel-metal hydride batteries are inexpensive and versatile. 

Users typically replace the battery, will acquire the habit of putting the battery in the way, wherever the place is clean and moist. The consequence is that the battery they get dirty easily, easy to contact metal (such as keys), etc. contact, easy to moisture, and it is the enemy of batteries. Recommendation: To avoid problems such as loss of electricity to keep the battery contacts clean and, if necessary, use a soft, clean and dry pasture. 

A long time when you are not using total station, you must remove the battery from the machine and stored in a dry, cool environment. We all no objection to this point, but why here to make room for discussion? Because this relates to another question: For the Ni-MH battery, the battery must be completely discharged, then save, store, or online? Its two kinds of different views of what should be used? Many people think that we should adopt the first, but I thought that to save the battery charge is reasonable. Because: According to tests, Li-ion battery to save the best conditions to save about 80% charged. Because the nickel-metal hydride batteries self-discharge high (10-15% a month or two), if the battery is completely discharged, then save it for a long time not to use, self Battery-discharge phenomenon will excessive battery discharge will damage the battery. You think of buying a new nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery is not all there is electricity, which is the reason.

online service

Skype: china-mason